Features & Modules

The KenzoDB Radio Station CMS has more features & options than any other such system in existence. And it’s already battle-tested, debugged, and stable, having powered inaugural station WFMU’s site continuously for the past 22 years.

Dynamic playlists:

  • Live interactive playlists with listener chat, highlighting current song
  • Host-personalized playlists (colors, pictures, videos, text, animated GIF’s)
  • Searches (by songs, artists, genres, time of day)
  • Playlists can either be made live or can be pre-created and future-scheduled
  • Hosts use image libraries and song queues for easy creation of rich, fun playlists

Social interactivity:

  • Listener & host profile pages (images, videos, links, social media widgets)
  • Live listener discussion/chat around each show
  • Favoriting (songs, shows, pictures, friends)
  • World map plots listeners with their pledge comments
  • Connect your audience, engine ers/hosts and volunteers

Audio archiving:

  • Records all scheduled shows
  • Listeners can skip to specific songs or segments
  • Audio player, displays song titles throughout playback
  • Optional 2-week expiration (save space, DMCA compliance)
  • Easy-to-find archives, browse by host or one-week calendar
  • Podcast feeds, with advance scheduling & iTunes integration

Admin tools:

  • Comment moderation, spam detection, abuse blocking
  • Webcasting report generation for SoundExchange
  • Broadcast event scheduling
  • Weekly schedules augmented by specials & fill-ins
  • Can selectively delegate access to staff and volunteers
  • Grant and revoke host access, to one or multiple programs

Site integration:

  • Blends with your existing site
  • Customize look and feel via open-source page templates
  • Can plug into WordPress
  • Imports from your blog, exports to databases
  • API for mobile apps

Fund-raising pledge module:

  • Progress meters show movement towards adjustable program goals
  • Off-site embeddable pledge widgets
  • Powerful controls for setting up and monitoring campaigns
  • Configurable premium combinations
  • Accept payment by credit card or PayPal, with automatic tracking
  • Monthly/sustainer billing, with catch-up charging after lapses
  • Expired/declined cards update their own info, reducing staff involvement
  • New pledges (with listener comments) display and print in studio, for immediate thanking, encouraging more pledge activity
  • Exports to CRM donor database software
…and way more. Get in touch with Ken Garson Systems about using this open-source platform at your station!

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