History of KenzoDB

The KenzoDB Radio Station CMS was conceived, designed, developed and continually expanded over the last 22 years by Ken Garson (a.k.a. “Kenzo”), whose 28 years of community radio involvement and 39 years of software engineering expertise have combined to bring this inspired work to life, out of a burning need to solve real problems, remove obstacles to sharing creativity, and connect people around their mutual passions.

Previously, Kenzo had designed and developed sophisticated systems of automation for financial management companies, investment banks, media organizations, music industry startups, retail stores, and educational institutions, while serving on the boards and staffs of radio stations, community organizations, and cooperatives.

While managing a station in the 1990’s (where he’d co-launched their online presence in 1994), Kenzo started planning an approach for automating the manual HTML work that so many stations around the world were undertaking. After departing in 2000, he toured the tech operations at famed underground station WFMU, and was dismayed to discover that they, too, were just editing masses of HTML files by hand, churning endless staff hours updating files every 3 hours all week.

Although their management was skeptical that software could be written to manage and improve this process, Kenzo went off and created the system he’d been dreaming about for years. Once WFMU saw it, they embraced it wholeheartedly, and have been an enthusiastic user ever since.

In the ensuing years, Kenzo has been feverishly expanding the system, conceiving of most of its features, while constantly soliciting input from the client’s management, hosts and listeners around the world, and building it all into a system he architected particularly for the unique needs of broadcasters. He keeps abreast of radio and technology developments, has continued to work with stations in an organizational capacity, and remains an active user of the software he’s created, which was released under an open-source license in 2016.

Ken Garson Systems is excited to now be able to introduce the KenzoDB Radio Station CMS platform to other broadcasters. Please get in touch if you think your station would like to benefit, and we’ll explore the possibilities!

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